Main Uniform

Our school uniform is the same for all campuses. The school has got three special uniforms.

The main school uniform is a white short sleeved shirt ‘O’ level and a sky blue short-sleeved shirt A’ level, navy blue trousers/ skirts, navy blue tie, navy blue knitted sweater, black belt, and black flat shoes.

Day Wear

The male students wear black trouser/ red t-shirts with flat sandals, and black- long skirts/ green t-shirts with flat sandals for our female students. Occasionally, the students wear blue collared shirts with navy blue skirts/ trousers respectively.

Sports Wear

The school has got sportswear along with jerseys for a variety of games like netball, Basketball, football, Hockey and Volleyball in all campuses.

Prefect’s Uniform

The prefects’ body has a distinct uniform for identification.  This is a light short sleeved purple shirt, navy blue trouser/ skirt and a striped tie for both male and female respectively.

Naalya Schools are also proud to inform that the students’ uniforms are tailored by a team of professionals at the schools. This ensures that the student is getting a uniform suited to their body for comfort and confidence.